Mike Alexander

Nowca Level 2

Coaches Profile

Mike specialises in swimrun coaching. He first got involved in swimrun in 2014 and has competed twice in OtillO Uto Sweden, OtillO Engadin Switzerland, OtilO Isles of Scilly UK, BRECA Buttermere, Loveswimrun Llanberis. He loves the adventure, freedom and comraderie that swimrun nurtures.

His coaching focusses on swimrun specific considerations:

  • wetsuit choice/customisation
  • making a tow system
  • swimming/running with a tow system
  • use of hand paddles & pull buoys
  • transition training
  • race strategy
  • kit management in transition
  • making the most of your gear
  • racing with a partner/finding a partner

Mike is keen to share his knowledge of swimrun racing and is founder of WESWIMRUN.org