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NOWCA for swimmers

As a NOWCA swimmer you will be part of the largest open water swimming community in the UK, with a community of 20,000+ swimmers already, you’ll be in great company.

Just like all our swimmers you will get your NOWCA wristband which tracks your swim performance, it’s exactly the same as wearing a chip at a triathlon. Everything is recorded online for you and from here you’ll be able to manage your leisure swimming and racing profile.

Your wristband is just a small part of a bigger safety system which helps to keep you and everyone else safe in the water. Your open water swimming operators follow a proven and robust safety system based around having a raised awareness of YOU in the open water. Keep your medical and personal details up to date on your profile to help them out.

You’ll be able to purchase bulk swims, events, other activities or even equipment hire and store them on your band, which means, you don’t have to carry cash every time you swim anymore!

You will also be able to participate in weekly NOWCA swim races.