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What is NOWCA?

NOWCA is a team of people just like you, with a long history in the industry at leisure, racing and coaching levels, we’ve seen it all. We’ve been advising the governing bodies of the best practice to keep all athletes safe but challenged in the open water since 2009.

What is the NOWCA system?

It’s an app, it's RFID wristbands and it's best practice guidelines. It's keeping you safe and pushing you at the same time. Everybody wears a band and the operators use raised safety measures that focus on keeping you and everyone else safe in and out of the water. They know more about you, they follow best practice guidelines, they track your performance and offer coaching opportunities to help you keep improving.

The Hard Facts:

  • It’s an app and it's best practice guidelines used by operators to keep you safe in the open water.
  • NOWCA best practice guidelines ensures the highest standards of safety, coaching and facilities at all NOWCA certified venues.
  • We provide up to date information, guidance and related services to anything open water.
  • It enables an open water operator to access real-time information of who is onsite and who is doing what at any time, from any connected device.
  • In the case of an emergency, personal details and medical history can be accessed immediately.
  • It allows session performance to be recorded and emailed directly to the participant, plus added to their online personal profile.
  • It’s race timing that can be used for any event, it’s chipped timing for free, use it for anything you like!
Whats in it for me?

You get looked after. You get a band. You get your session record sent directly to you and logged on your personal profile. You’re able to make purchases: single sessions or bulk sessions, events or even hire equipment and store them on your band; which means, you won’t have to carry cash every time anymore. Swipe yourself into the water and swipe yourself out, it’s dead easy!

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